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Transcreation Services

Why do you need transcreation services?

Transcreation, or creative translation, is the adaptation of a creative work into another language or culture. Therefore, it is more than direct translation or localization of the text, as transcreators focus on capturing the desired persuasive or emotive effect of the original. Transcreation services is a growing new industry.

By considering local traditions and vernaculars, transcreators aim to alter the source text for foreign audiences who may not be familiar with the culturally or linguistically sensitive content of the original.

Usually, transcreation is used for the translation of marketing and promotional material. Although a business may have been successful with an advertising campaign in one country, their message, brand, and product needs to be fully localized to ensure that their content is both suitable and appealing.

By taking into account all cultural peculiarities that could affect promotional copy, transcreation is designed to guarantee the production of relevant material that remains interesting to read.

Transcreation can also be used for the translation of movie subtitles, books, and websites.

Examples of Transcreation

International organizations need to adequately localize and transcreate their marketing initiatives to entice regional audiences. Nike, for example, transcreated their 2011 advertising campaign in China.

With Nike’s traditional “Just Do It” tagline having no meaningful Chinese translation, Nike transcreated their message to the more localized “Use Sports”. The motivational television spot that accompanies this campaign is about “using sport” in China, or, “just doing it with Chinese characteristics”.

However, when KFC set up their first fast food outlet in China during 1987, their famous “finger-lickin’ good” slogan was directly translated into the Chinese phrase “eat your fingers off.” This was quickly rectified and today there are over 900 KFC restaurants in China.

For a definitive list of transcreation case studies, consult “The Little Book of Transcreation”. While the majority instances are drawn from the advertising and marketing sector, the collection reveals examples from the film, television, and literature industry.

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