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Website Localization

With ever increasing numbers of people worldwide using computers on a daily basis, the¬†internet has become a port of call for business trying to spread globally. The internet is used more and more by people that don’t speak English – Internet World Stats has shown that only 27% of internet users use English. This proportion will continue to decline. So website localization is more crucial than ever before.

Website localization – appeal locally, compete globally

Language, symbols, images, color, navigation and content all need to be taken into account in a website localization project.Website localization is multi-discipline and needs management that is sensitive to culture and language. We need to adapt sites to make them easy to use and culturally appropriate for different countries. Without expert linguists and staff with cultural experience, a website localization project is very likely to fail.

Language is one of the most obvious aspects to deal with in such a project. It can be extremely complex to effectively translate things like idioms, proverbs and metaphor. The process can even inform marketing decisions – culturally aware members of our staff will tell you if your “His/Her” product won’t work in a country where men and women hold similar values.

Images, symbols and colors have a huge impact on conversion rates. Although black represents balance in China, it is associated with death in many other nations. Another case is misuse of symbols, where many websites use the common Western image of a house to link to the homepage even though many We work in tandem with cultural multivariate testers to scientifically optimise websites for local markets.

TransCreation is committed to website localization services

Our global network of multicultural linguists strives to bring together all the elements needed to adapt your website to the countries you are targeting. We are dedicated to creating quality, localized content for your new websites.